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Welcome to MicroEnergy !

MicroEnergy was founded in 2009 by Costas Th. Demopoulos, Electrical & Electronics Engineer.

It's primary target field is the design and prototyping of custom electronics systems, mainly utilizing 8-bit and 16bit microprocessors and state-of-the-art integrated circuits as well.

As a secondary field of activity, the company is the holder of two self-designed and implemented grid-connected Photovoltaic plants with a total nominal power of 40 kWp, located in Aeginion Pierias wider rural area.


26-11-2011 @ 09:44 
Microenergy succesfully tested wireless data link connectivity between home and pv stations, using Argtek's and Ubiquiti's state of the art CPE and NSM5 series hi-power bridge routers.